My name is Patty. I am 47 and I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was 24 years. old.  I was non-compliant with medical treatment for about seven years. I can be stubborn. Let’s face it, I idle at stubborn. I have researched and educated myself and know that diet and exercise can and does help me. I have also reluctantly learned that talking about Crohn’s helps me also. It seems to help other people also. I am not a writer and I will only state what has worked for me. This blog is not a source of medical advice. Please seek and keep seeking help from professionals. In other words, do as a say and not as I do at times. Because I will seek and ignore as much as I seek and follow instructions.



I have finally discovered that I can treat my disease and have a healthy life. I now know that I can control some of the terrible things that happen. Most of all, I have discovered that I should never be ashamed of this part of myself.





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