Not so happy holidayzzzz

I intend to get through this season without any drama. HAHAHAHAHA I foolishly signed up for a late season race (early December). It was only a 5k so I knew that I could finish and was hoping for a great time until I started getting sick. For some, that would mean cancelling, oh but not me. I cannot cancel the race. So I keep running and getting sicker and sicker until I have achieved pneumonia. Does that stop me from running? NO. I run anyway. I finished and in a respectable time but not my best.

While I am running regularly and before this event, I did something stupid. Well, several things. It resulted in me getting hurt during one of my regular runs in my neighborhood. I did not follow my rules. That is all I want to say about that for now.

Another change is that I am now living alone. Well, not officially alone, I still have the kids but I am alone.

Today, Wilber is being a real pig. Wilber is my Crohn’s. Yes, I named it. I live with it, so I thought it deserved a name. Wilber is a pig and a nag so I thought that was a perfect name. I don’t get bothered by the stomach stuff so much, so running to the bathroom ever ten minutes does not bother me. So off to work I go.

No drama, maybe not but I do intend to stay happy.

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