5K Day

Today is one of two 5K runs for this week. I do not call them races because if I finish, I have won. This run was a challenge with a team. My team was the Dashing Divas. We are three Health Science educators for local community colleges. My fellow teammates do not suffer/enjoy chronic illness, or I am not aware. I am a bit older as well. I realized that I struggle more than both during the race. I am slower and I, well struggle, with some not so dignified issues.

I started my day running to the bathroom. As you may remember,  my infusion day was just two days ago. I think that my infusions may slow me down. I really wanted to stay in bed. I did not have my accounting homework done. I was stressed. So I got up at 0500 and went into my office to finish/start the homework. I am on duty (as a paramedic) for the next two days and I have a ton of work, the last thing I needed was this dumb assignment to finish in a loud rescue/fire station. I finished the homework, this means that I have answers for each questions that are likely completely wrong and I am hoping for some sympathy points. I am packed for the next two days at the station so I do not need to worry about that. But I do start with no less that four RUNS to the bathroom with some scary crohns issues. I am sorry that I did not wear a diaper for today. Yes, I will wear a diaper for runs. I am not always able to control my bowels when I run. This is different from runners poop, I really just have loose stool and sometimes bleeds for the entire time. This does not happen if I am running on my own. Maybe I should not sign up for these things.

During my half marathon last year I started a GI bleed at mile three and my right hip locked at mile ten. I finished and ran over 11 miles of the 13.1. Respectable time for my first but this was the first indication that I am not a typical runner. Others on my half marathon team may not have considered me a runner but I am a runner. I push myself each time and I run regularly. That is a runner.

My time today was under 35 minutes for 5.07K. I was 95th finisher out of 160. We had obstacles. I do NOT like obstacles. I do not like grass, I am always afraid to fall. I am old and clumsy. We had hurdles. I was afraid of those but they turned out to be a trip hazard more than a true hurdle. Those worked out. The tires were not so bad but the crawl thing was terrible. I cannot get my huge butt below those dumb things and I had to crawl in the wet grass for the last two feet.

I was the pace setter on my team. In our case that meant the slowest one. That works for me but I could tell that I struggle to finish more than my teammates. Chronic illness or not, I want to keep running. Next week is the Baltimore Running Festival. I am signed up for the 5K. I do not know if I will do it. Maybe.

2014-10-12 07.59.38

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